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How things have changed over the years?

In the nineties, most of us played various unstructured games like running, hide and seek, jumping from trees, etc., based on the culture and region we grew up in. Later, we played gully cricket – played in small places just like futsal in Brazil, street soccer, and two squares, among others, before moving to full-sized playing fields. We never started playing the sport directly on the grounds without developing fundamental movement skills.

Things have changed a lot from the nineties to the current generation with improvements in technology.

● Playing games and sports was our favourite pastime growing up, whereas playing video games and watching online content on screens is the favourite pastime of the current generation. Parents never told us to go out and play, but now we need to pull kids from the screens to make them play.

● We used to get excited going to weddings or social gatherings as we get to play games like hide and seek, chor police with our friends and cousins. Whereas now, parents have to persuade the children by giving them a smartphone or tablet to come along.

● If we were good at sports, we would be very popular in school and respected by others. Whereas now, if you are good at video games, you are the most famous child in the school.

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