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Books written by our Founder and Director - Sreekar Mothukuri





Research shows that 70% of kids drop out of the sport by the age of 13 due to the negative experiences of playing the sport. The primary reason for this kind of experience is the lack of awareness among parents about the sport and the journey of raising a champion.


If your child wants to go abroad for higher education, there are many consultancies that can guide you.

If your child wants to be a doctor or an engineer, you can ask your family or distant family members about the journey.

If you want to enrol your child in the best school, even a next-door neighbour can help you.

But if your child wants to pursue sports as a career? Where do you go? How easy is it to get the information?

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While growing up, I always wanted to be a cricket player and represent the country. The goal was clear. I had the motivation and commitment, but I could not pursue my passion due to a lack of knowledge and guidance. Even parents during those days did not encourage their children to take up sports as there were fewer career opportunities.


Today, sport is growing rapidly, with the emergence of national sports leagues such as the Indian Premier League, Premier Badminton League, Pro Kabaddi, and Indian Super League, providing more career opportunities for aspiring sports players compared to the nineties. As a result, parents are increasingly interested in having their children explore sport as a career option. However, there is no system or resource to guide parents in the right direction, leaving them confused, frustrated, and often wasting their time and money.

So, Sreekar decided to help solve the struggle this generation parents are facing by providing knowledge, guidance, and tools required to raising a professional player via his comprehensive book series.

Why you should READ this books?

There are two types of people in this world. The first set of people do mistakes and learn from their mistakes. The second set of people will learn from other's mistakes by reading books, attending workshops, and so on. Most of the people in the first set quit after few mistakes as they lose their enthusiasm and confidence.


Example: If XYZ has 25 years of experience in cooking and makes the best BIRYANI in the world and if you want to be like XYZ? What do you need to do? 

You need to learn the recipe from XYZ which saves you time and money.


​Similarly, “Behind a sports champion and Child to champion” features experiences of World Champions, Olympians, Coaches, Parents, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Sports doctors, and Fitness coaches from various sports to help aspiring sports parents with the information required in raising a champion.

When we read their stories, we realize the struggle and challenges they faced. All the sportspersons and their parents have lived out the same dreams we have, they have set us an example, and have shown us that victory is attainable.


50 Plus Interviews

life lessons from people who worked with hundreds of champions


In order to write a comprehensive book to help parents, Sreekar spent several years traveling to various cities to conduct the interviews. This book is in no way all-inclusive of all the experts. There are undoubtedly many experts, past and present, who could have been easily included, but there were quite a few challenges along the journey.

Busy travel Schedules - Sometimes, it was challenging to connect with most of them in the city I am in, as some of the players were traveling to play tournaments. So, I had to travel two to three times to the same place.

Trust - When my team connected with the experts to schedule the interviews, some trusted my passion and agreed, and some did not. I respect their decision. 

Conflict of interest - In some cases, the professional players have signed an agreement with moviemakers for a sports biopic to be made on them. Some of them had signed book contracts with publishers, so they could not give the interview for the book.

Fees - Most of the players were managed by sports management companies, and we need to pay them a fee to get their interviews.

Language Barrier - Understanding the local language was quite a challenge when I traveled to different parts of India to conduct the interviews. Most were comfortable speaking in their regional dialect. 

No progress - There were days nothing was happening as I could not meet any of the players, coaches, or champions’ parents. 


He says, when he looks back at his journey, it was priceless! And he would love to do it all over again.  Sreekar personally thanks everyone who has contributed to this book series and especially those champions and their support teams for believing in his vision and contributing to the future generations.

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