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How To Choose The

Right Sport

For Your Child


During my conversations with parents at workshops, two of the most frequently asked questions were


“ Which sport should I enroll my child in? 




I have tried different sports activities for my child, but the child is not showing any interest?


I know it is quite challenging and overwhelming for parents these days to select a program as there are many out there and some of the parents do not have any sports background.


Due to lack of awareness, many of the parents end up making mistakes by enrolling their child in a program based on


Where the neighbor’s or friends’ children are going


To the coaching center close to their house


The sport they like

By doing this way, many of the children are going through negative experiences and leave the sport, as the program might not be age-appropriate or suits their child’s personality.

who is this book for?

  • This book is for first-time parents, confused about which sport activity to enroll their child in?

  • This book is for parents who have already tried their child in different sports activities, but the child is not showing any interest?

Book cover[1923].png


Having worked with thousands of children and parents, the author addresses the most frequently asked questions by parents and the mistakes they are making while choosing the right sport for their ward.


In this book, the author covers:


. Different types of sports

. The skills required to play these sports

. The right age to begin practicing the sport

. How to select a sport based on the child’s unique personality

. Various stages of a child growth

. Importance of age-appropriate activities

. Importance of finding the right coach


and much more..

The author strongly believes every child should play sports irrespective of whether the child wants to be a doctor or an engineer or a lawyer and so on as playing sports keeps you healthy and teaches many life lessons which cannot be taught in a classroom setting.

How will you enjoy outstanding success in your chosen field if you are not healthy? "

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